Art lives its magic with the strength of the line expressed as a pure linear instrument, operating at the border of the exasperation of the context. The graphite, the indian ink, the crayon speaking and talking the harmony of a simple and faithful representation of the artist imagination while he gathers the reality into a subjective introspection.

Born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, and an architect by profession Carlo Suracci has been producing art all his life going through many periods and styles. He took part to many international competitions winning large recognition in the Israel and USA. Suraci also produced large installations and sculptures currently shown in public spaces in Italy.
Suraci’s drawings, paintings, and sculptures focus on expressing thoughts about the language of signs and the meaning of colours, thoughts that support the meaning of his art. His work is highly humanistic, as he puts man to the forefront of all considerations: the research of reality and of truth, and the respect of forms, and of all things human. Moral values still are implied by the graphic character of the nudes in paintings like Eccomi or Donna.
Suraci expresses the ideas of Albert Camus as he reflects on the inevitability of the activities that influence man and nature. Thus he has developed a highly communicative style that transmits the vital message of feelings, and the experience of emotions which underlines the human condition. This approach is clearly apparent in Racolta di Arance or in Portatrice, which show the interconnection, the intercourse between man and nature, and man and his daily chores.
In other works, Suraci fascinates by his approach to the written language, the research of the purity of the line, and the power of graphics as a means to deliver a message. In a symbolist way, he uses colours, their character and their intensity to convey emotional communication. This use of colour is best illustrated in painting like Dante e il Paradiso, Morte degli Innocenti, or even Etna, in which Suraci juxtaposes life and death in the eruption of red and black.