Al Pacino (Bobby Deerfield)

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"You do develop relationships with actors when you work with them. As in any sort of job, there are people you just connect with and you can become lifelong friends. In my case, this happened when I met people like Jacqueline Bisset, Charlotte Rampling, Liv Ullmann, Frank Marshall and his wife, Kathy Kennedy. These were people I just bonded with. I didn’t bond very well with [Al] Pacino. In this film, Bobby Deerfield, Pacino plays a racing car driver. Naturally, it’s a stunt man who races. However, a whispered secret went around the set that Pacino didn’t or couldn’t drive even when it came to just driving a normal convertible car up to a front door. It had to be attached to a pickup truck with a rope with Pacino sitting in the car with his hands on the steering wheel pretending to drive. Probably, being very much a New Yorker, he had a good excuse; I suppose in the big city you don’t need to drive."

Eva Sereny

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