Romy Schneider

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"Romy Schneider was asking to have a photo session with me! This was a
very unusual situation. It’s usually the other way around”
Eva Sereny

"When Romy stepped into the studio, her hair tightly pulled back – her make-up emphasising her sparking eyes and full lips – looking seductive in her black dress which had a slightly transparent organza bodice, I was certain we were embarking on an exciting experience. She went straight to the hi-fi and put on one of the albums that she had brought with her: sweet sentimental tunes filled the small studio.

However, at this point, Romy was still finding it difficult to get into the appropriate mood. She was fidgety and distant: we both knew that it was essential to have the right atmosphere for the pictures to be special. Then with a start, she jumped up from her sitting position in front of the camera, and started going through her pile of albums until she found the one she was looking for. If my memory isn’t deceiving me, it was a selection of Edith Piaf ’s songs.

Whatever it was, this did the trick. Her mood immediately changed, and she was ready for the “click” of the camera......."

Eva Sereny

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  • Anemoi Art Gallery
  • 43 Brook Street
  • London, W1K 4HJ